When God Intervenes
by Jean John

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I'm Jean John, author of When God Intervenes.

About the Author
Jean is a dedicated member of her local community. Living in London since 1964 after her arrival in England from the Caribbean, she now resides in East London where she is a prominent member of the community. Being involved in community work since 1984 she has volunteered in several organisations not only in her own area but in other boroughs and has won various awards for her voluntary work.

Finding herself in a confused and lonely state in the inner city of London, she decided to go to a standard church convention in Sheffield, never dreaming that she would meet God in a totally new way.

Being more of a closed up 'religious' person, she was deaf to the various testimonies of people who were meeting God in a new and lively way, and was blatantly critical of the whole event.

However, God broke in during that day in a surprising and loving encounter which radically changed her perception of things and brought a new vitality and personal intimacy with Him.

In the process He opened the door to a brand new beginning that is still having a wide-ranging impact on her local community, and lead to the breaking of new ground in ministry to those in need - both here in the UK and internationally.

About my latest book, When God Intervenes

When God Intervenes is an inspiring story about a shy insecure woman who was empowered by God to carry out a big mission far beyond her own level of expectation in a needy community where people dared her to perform the task. Faced with the daunting possibility of achieving the goal, her passion and concern for people suffering the effects of mental illness drove her to pursue that mission regardless of the obstacles faced. This book is funny, honest, touching, and shows that God can hide his face for several seasons at times. Nevertheless He can be trusted in the deepest of valleys to show up and work alongside an individual that is willing to trust Him and go the distance.In doing this she also successfully managed what has now grown to become a well established and sought after organisation.