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      #Hope to the hopeless 

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As we approach the end of #MentalHealth Week we at #WAYSIDE have been sharing some #reflections on our work in this field during the early nineties and beyond. As a small grass roots #organisation we are proud of our #achievements in standing for what we believed in even though this topic caused persecution and great pain at the time. We believed #God called us to care for people suffering the effects of mental illness.Through this #intervention we saw the great suffering experienced firsthand by many who were abandoned not only by society but by some friends /relatives as well.Throughout the years we have ministered to professional sufferers as well as the ordinary individual and over a period of time we have seen the impact our love, affection, compassion, and care has made to each person. Accepting people as they are helps to maintain their dignity, self confidence, and self worth. It helps them to feel included instead of excluded from society enabling many to become #empowered enough to take hold of their lives again. Looking back at the many letters of thanks received we are grateful to God for what we have accomplished over the years.

Today it’s good to know that there are those churches that are now beginning to educate the wider community on mental health issues. Twenty six years ago when we began this subject was taboo. It was hard to access funding as a Christian organisation and we experienced great hardships.

My book “When God Intervenes” tells of the frustrations, and the hardships endured, and how among it all we persevered to maintain an open door where individuals could come and find hope through friendships and mutual support.

Wayside has been working to prevent people from entering the mental hospital since 1990 through its caring programme of services to enhance the quality of life for those suffering from depression and the elderly. Funding is hard to acquire and very time consuming. What can you do to help the situation that is again prevalent in society? Mental illness could happen to anyone, but all do not need to be in hospital, some only need to know where to turn in times of distress. We cannot perform the work alone, others must play their part without our presence and other like-minded organisations the situation would become much worst.

We now need the support of the community to fight this illness that is destroying the young people of our race. I challenge you today to help preserve this work. Mental ill health can happen to anyone and is no respecter of persons, who knows you may need it in the future if not now. Help Wayside to care for those who have lost the strength to care for themselves. Read about the humble beginnings of the Wayside Community Centre Visit:


There’s a lesson to be learnt in every #disaster that occurs around #theworld. We are constantly being reminded of the plight of #refugees. We see people fleeing homes where they lived all their lives leaving their belongings behind, and we watch terrified Children cry.

We also hear of people being kidnapped, turned into slaves and living in #bondage.  In these trying times of life we can see how easy it is to lose everything including our #self-esteem through no fault of our own. It’s time for us to give a thought to those caught up in these terrible #conflicts, and pray for their safety and well-being remembering that they are brothers and sisters of ours needing mercy.Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Let us not forget to #pray for our safety and our well-being too.


  The ones without a #voice



#Loveandkindness seems to have gone out of the hearts of men in our world today. We hear about those who #abuse children and young people, #theelderly, and those caught up in modern day slavery. The suffering experienced by groups of refugees, the hatred, fear, pain and the humiliation suffered by all the various group of individuals and the nation’s hearts go out to them. But there are groups of other suffering people e.g.#Abusedpartners who stand alone in their #distress. When it comes to the ordinary woman/man who has for years felt #unloved by their spouse and who has continuously suffered abuse, scorn, rejection and other degrading circumstances they stand alone. Many women/men although they may have a roof over their heads, families around them they too can be made to feel #excluded, alone, neglected and even treated with #hostility. Many go about their daily lives with a smile carrying out their everyday chores even though they are hurting inside. With no one to #persecute for the #injustice suffered, many turn to #GOD for comfort, and solace. In Him they can say with confidence “Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness”. Why? because they can find solace in  #theGodofmercy.


 #Hostility among #Nations



 Can there ever be #peaceinourworld? After all the hostility seen among nations, the fear, pain, and suffering experienced by groups of people in our world there are those who may not know what it means to have #peace. “Peace is an occurrence of harmony characterised by the lack of violence, conflict behaviours, and the freedom from fear of violence”. (Wiki quote)

We hear of the violence in the Middle East and North Africa with nine civil wars going on in Islamic countries between Pakistan and Nigeria. Over two million Syrian forced from their homes and none of these wars shows any signs of ending. Then there’s the plight of over sixty-five thousand Rohingya people who had to flee Myanmar to Bangladesh. We also hear about the abuse, pain and humiliation suffered by children, young people, the elderly, and those caught up in modern day slavery in our own part of the world. Then there’s the blatant discrimination of refugees landing in the West, and one could almost emphase with them as so many of us have experienced rejection in a foreign land, among strange people ourselves.

What is it that possesses mankind to believe that they have some claim to a certain part of the world or that their race or culture is superior to others? Have they not heard; all people are like grass, and all their glory is like the grass of the field, the grass withers and the flowers fall. (1 peter 1:24). Those who show power over others need to know that there’s someone who is more powerful than they are who holds the key to life and death in his hand. His name is  #Jehovah,  #GodAlmighty, he neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is very much aware of the atrocities carried out by vicious men/women throughout the world. He is known as the  #Comforter, he promise to wipe away every tear from the eyes of the broken hearted and those who mourn.

The prophet Isaiah tells of a time when hostility between peoples will be a thing of the past. He speaks of a time of #peaceandtranquillity when hostile man and vicious animals will live in harmony. He refers to the time when Christ reign over the earth. Scripture say in that day the wolf and the lamb will lie down together, and the leopard and goats will be at peace. Calves and fat cattle will be safe among lions, and a little child shall lead them all. #Isaiah 11: 6-9.

To believe that peace is available to all can be a hard thing to imagine. The fact is that #ChristJesus came into the world to offer us his peace as a #giftfomGod. This is a state of quiet or tranquillity from agitation as from fear/ terror. Quietness of mind, calmness, a quiet of conscience, and this peace is freely available for those who will put aside malice and strife against their fellowmen and turn to him. We have all experience hurt in one form or another and #forgiveness is the key to #findingpeacewithGod and each other. I pray that Men, Women and Children throughout the world will experience HIS peace and live in  #harmony with God and one other beginning today.