Jean V. John


#Prayer for #Strength 


Heavenly father thank you for this day that your hand has made. I bless your name Holy Father and thank you for spearing my life to see the beginning of this new day.

Lord you know all about me, you understand when I rise and when I lay down my head to sleep.   

But Lord sleep does not come as many thoughts and painful memories of the past disturb my rest. I long to find relief from hurtful memories. Here I am today- a new day and still living my life looking backwards.

Lord I cannot go on with this pain any longer so today on this ---day of the month in the year 20-- I break all ties with the past. Forgive me for holding on to the years of hurts, dragging them behind me has become too harsh. I haven’t the strength to carry those cares any longer. I yield my will in surrender to your command and give you all the things that distress me. I now ask that you come into my heart and make your home with me in Jesus name. AMEN.

 Lead kindly Light amid the encircling gloom lead Thou me on.

#Reverence for God

Blessed be #theLord #GodAlmighty who has prospered his people generously from his hand. To #God the invisible the #onlytrueGod be #praise and #majesty from generation to generation. How wondrous are your ways O Lord, your truth endures for ever to a thousand generations you are #God. #Holy and #righteous are your ways. Help us to extol your name for ever and ever so that mankind may know of your wondrous deeds and come to know and have reverence for your name. Amen.




Jesus tender #Shepherd of the sheep I look to thee for #guidance and #love. Without you to nurture and care for me I am counted as lost, outside your care and direction. Gracious #Shepherd help me to walk in your shadow so that I’m #guided in the right paths that leads to pleasant pastures green, and streams of flowing waters where I can partake of your bountiful provisions and find contentment and rest in thee Amen.


 Generous father, gentle Saviour, Lord and protector of my life Let your guiding presence sustain me as I travel on my pilgrim pathway. Heal the torn and painful areas of my heart, erase the suffering memories that prevail in my inmost being. Help me to relinquish the past into your hand and enable me to walk away past the times of looking backwards to the things I can’t change and guide me into the present that opens daily into the future and set my feet towards the promises set before me. Amen


Thine O Lord is the #glory and the power for thou have created all things and by your council you bring them into  #existence and #life. You O #Lord will surely bring those things you #ordain into being and realism in my life. Precious #Saviour you are my hiding place let me rest assured of my provision in you. Amen.