Jean V. John


"This book provides an insight into the author’s journey of finding God, and accepting him into her life. It is an invaluable account which shows the reader that miracles can and indeed do happen, and that community is key. Jean tells the story of how she as a naive and somewhat critical Christian, opened up at a vulnerable time in her life and let God in, The book tells the story of how a simple journey was the change that helped Jean not only through her own personal trials and tribulations, but also how this new way of believing led her to provide a wonderful and invaluable service to those within not only her local community but also internationally. Jean shows how selfless love can be, and that money is not the only way to help a failing community but that the spirit of God can lead you to paths you would never even think about but would enjoy travelling down immensely. Jean is an inspiration to all, her work is priceless and the services she provides to the community should provide motivation to us all. Read this book, and discover a new way of feeling about yourself." C. Flock

 For those of you that know me well, you'll all know how close I am with my nan and how much she inspires me. Tonight I sat silently for an hour finishing my nans book; it's save to say that I am her biggest fan. My nan is so special, over 30 years of dedication to volunteering and helping others and always putting others first. You all know that I love reading, but honestly this book is the most heartfelt story of all of the ups and downs that my nan has come across. Please follow Wayside Community Centre and purchase her book - you will LOVE it! Grandparents truly are the most special people in our lives! X Melessa


Great book I read it, I am privileged to know the author, mighty woman valour. Humble multi talented, generous, caring, anointed and just simply lovable.This book will make a great present to anyone for any occasion, it will bless and inspire anyone that reads it. Paula Mclennan